Paint Palette

Contributed by Shawna Feeley, Lead Designer for SIR Development

paint cansAs head designer at SIR, one of my jobs is to find the most universally pleasing paint colors. Right now, everyone is in love with grey. Grey is the new beige, which was the old decorator white. It is having such a good run because grey runs the gamut between cool and warm, blue-greys, green-greys, taupe-y grey, greige (grey-beige hybrid), lavender-greys and deep charcoal-greys. You could design 10 house interiors, all shades of grey, and not one needs to be the same. Of course, throw in some gorgeous creams and whites to balance out the 50 shades.

How do I select a color?
There are lots of paint manufacturers out there and plenty of design ideas online for those seeking assistance. Some designers are generous enough to share their favorite shades and have entire blogs dedicated to paint colors. You can try to google the color you are considering and may find the image of a painted room, which is helpful while you are narrowing down your choices. My suggestion is to paint a large sample on at least two of the walls and watch the color transform depending on the time of day and the amount of light. There are also gourmet paint palettes from high-end paint makers like Farrow & Ball and Fine Paints of Europe to take some of the guesswork out of it, especially when trying to tackle more than one room. These brands have a limited amount of colors, but are created to work well together. Restoration Hardware offers a small sampling of colors with a subtle velvet finish. Pottery Barn has teamed up with Benjamin Moore and West Elm with Sherwin Williams to offer specific palettes to compliment their product lines. There are so many outlets to find color therapy, so be sure to use them.

What type of paint should I use?
At SIR, we generally use Benjamin Moore flat interior paint on the walls and Satin Impervo on the trim. Our painters swear by the performance of Benjamin Moore paints and they can be matched to any swatch. Flat paint is the most forgiving for wall imperfections and has a nice matte appearance. It is easily touched up as it blends without having to repaint the entire wall. Satin paint adds a sheen and protection to the trim and it is so durable, it can be scrubbed clean if necessary.

Hire an Expert
The beauty of buying a new home from SIR is that the paint colors we use are tried and true. How they will work with other rooms to create a pleasant flow has been labored over. The cabinetry, vanities and trim colors are all part of a master plan. It is fun when we have buyers early in the building process to contribute their desire for color and infuse their personal tastes while maintaining the aesthetic of a home that flows seamlessly from room to room.gray doors

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