How to Ensure a Dry Basement

Contributed by Marc Ventresca, Project Manager for SIR Development

One of the most common questions asked by potential buyers when viewing a house for sale is, “Is there a sump pump?” Their concerns are obvious. They want assurances that the basement will remain dry. The advantage of purchasing a Westport new construction home is that the Town of Westport’s Engineering Department requires all new homes to submit an engineer designed drainage system with site plans and drainage calculations that are reviewed by town engineers prior to issuing a Zoning permit. Sump pumps have been replaced by “Footing Drains Pumps” which are connected to perforated underground pipes covered with gravel that are located below the basement slab and outside the foundation walls to prevent and collect water, keeping water from entering the basement.

If the property is flat, the footing drain pipes must be pumped into infiltrators. where the water slowly dissipates into the ground safely away from the house. If the land is sloping, the footing drain pipes can be “discharged to daylight”, thus not requiring a footing drain pump as gravity allows the water around the foundation to discharge at the lowest point.

When you purchase an SIR Development home, you will receive a copy of the drainage system to understand how it functions and if there are any maintenance requirements. Also you can take comfort in knowing that your one year builder’s warranty covers footing drains.

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